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Quantum Synchro

In message <> Linus Toy writes:

> >> Sorry to add fuel to the fire, but I saw a Quantum Synchro wagon in the
> >> junkyard a few weeks ago, and the rear suspension was NOT like the 4Kq.
> >> It looked to use a trailing arm rather than the subframe-with-control-arm
> >> suspension of the 4Kq.
> >
> >Yes, for the Quantum wagon, the rear suspension is different.  The sedan
> >has the same rear suspension as the 4000 quattro.
> that might be, but i dont' believer there ever was a Quantum syncro _sedan_
> sold in America (don't know about RoW).  seems VW and Audi had an
> understanding, and Audi never sold a wagon version of the 4kcsq.

At the time VW were developing it, Porsche Weissach were customers of mine.  As 
I said earlier, the development name was "tetra", and I was fortunate enough to 
get a rid in one (in a hard shell bucket seat bolted to the rear floor pan) 
around the Weissach track.  I never looked underneath it.  At this time, Audi 
had been selling both the ur-quattro and (main marketing push) the Audi 80 
quattro for a couple of years.  It was another two years before "tetra" was 
introduced as "syncro", but only on the full wagon after the restyling that 
dropped the hatchback form.  The saloon (sedan, "Stufenheck") came quite a lot 
later, and I can't remember ever seeing a "syncro" one.  I _think_ it used a 
different floor pan.

(If you're ever driving around the Stuttgart area - any car with a "BB-PW" 
 plate prefix belongs to the Weissach test centre.) 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club