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Re: Audi's IC School

In a message dated 97-06-18 02:50:44 EDT, you write:

<< just hafta ask:  how much did Audi learn on IC design by the time they
 released my '91 200q? >>
Not really all that much.  Slight mod to the front end of the car to accept
an intercooler that is single pass, more efficient than the 2 pass on the
earlier 44 chassis cars.   Remember tho, the Urq had a single pass IC in the
early 80's.  What did Audi learn?  Well, really, only that a 2 pass IC "fit"
easier into the original design of the 44 chassis cars.  Later, they
"learned" that some creative plumbing and minor changes let them fit a more
efficient IC.