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(Fwd) Re: Car phones

> A hands free kit is no more distracting than a stereo

NOT true.  Most people play music for background noise, and seldom 
actully pay attention to the music.  All the other things that I have 
seen refered to as distractions equal to a cell phone, are not.  The 
important thing here is how long the distraction lasts.  Tuning a 
radio- maybe 2 seconds (push the button); screeming children- in my 
car lasts about as long as tuning the radio.  I agree that talking to 
a passenger is as dangerous as using a hands free phone.  In both of 
these cases you are distracted for extended periods of time.  The 
longer you are distracted, and not giving your full attention to your 
driving, the more likely you are to have an accident.  Or worse yet 
cause someone else to have an accident.

I feel that using a hand held phone while driving should be illegal, 
and the fine should be VERY high.  I could care less if you want to 
paint a self portrait on a bridge abutment.  But you have no right to 
endanger me or mine, or anyone else for that matter.  Using a hand 
held phone while driving, should be treated the same as drunk