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At 08:37 AM 6/18/97 -0500, Pete Kraus wrote:
>On 6/16/97, Dan Simoes asked:
>>So... does anyone know what the 84 4kq is rated to tow?  I couldn't
>>find any reference to towing (other than being towed) in the owners
>The German '84 80 catalog says 5-cylinder models, manual or
>automatic, may tow brake-equipped trailers weighing up to 3080 lbs.
>(1400 kg) on grades up to 12%.  Unbraked trailers are limited to 1232
>lbs. (560 kg.)  Love that German precision!  These figures are for FWD
>models.  I have a full-line catalog that features the 80 Quattro, but it
>doesn't include towing specs.

I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but maybe it'll be of
some use.  The US Audi owner's manual for '87 5000 turbo and quattro 5 cyl
models shows, in the "Specifications and Capacities" section in the back,
the following towing information:

Maximum Permissible Trailer Weights:

Braked Trailer		900 kg (2,000 lb)
Unbraked Trailer		680 kg (1,499 lb)
Tongue Load		  50 kg (  110 lb)
 -quattro models		  75 kg (  165 lb)

I notice these figures are significantly lower than the figures shown above
in the German literature for the '84 80 FWD.

I also have a Haynes manual (I know they're not great, but it came with the
car and I haven't had a spare $120 for a Bentley manual yet) which covers
'84 - '88 "All models" US and UK models using 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 liter
engines (although as far as I can tell it does -not- cover any quattro
models, and only covers 100/5000 avant/wagon models, good job Haynes
*smirk*).  It lists higher towing capacities than my Audi owner's manual
above.  It also lists capacities for manual and automatic transmissions
seperately for each motor, giving automatic transmissions an additional 100
kg towing capacity in each case.

Well, anyway, this is all info on 5k models and I know you wanted info for
a 4k.  so I apologize in advance if it is of no help.  But I did find
towing info in the back of my owner's manaul under Specifications and
Capacities, so it might be worth looking through yours again just in case.
Look in the index for a "Weights" entry also, mine is listed there.

'87 5ksq