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RE: Car Phones and Oil Caps

Hi Folks,
     Can we just agree to disagree here and move on to more important
things like making it illegal to pick your nose while driving.  This is
dangerous, disgusting, and on the rise in the Boston area.  Write your
Congressman or Parlimentarian today.
Why is it that people think the glass in their cars is opaque?

     On other matters, I went to get a new gasket for my oil filler cap the
other day but they didn't have any in stock at IRA Audi.  To my incredible
disbelief I purchased a whole new cap for the outright reasonable sum of
$4.  I almost dropped from a major miacardial infarction when it wasn't
nearly the $97.56 I expected.  Go figure.

Pick your nose on your own time...I _AM_ appalled!