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another 89 200twq, cheaper

Well, I just test drove another 89, this one at a local gas
station.  Red/black, barcoloungers, 117k.  Body has some dings,
partial or total repaint.  Supposedly new clutch and rack.
Interior is decent, body looks good overall.
Steering felt heavy and numb, needs alignment, tires suck (Eagle
GA).  Engine ran well but boost only went to 1.4bar though he says
his friend put a stiffer spring in.  Overall it felt sluggish,
though this is compared with my ride in a 91 200tqw.
ABS works, braking effort was high and at one point the pedal
was hard and there was little braking action (no light though).

If you're interested, I'll pass on the info.  It's near Elmsford.
The guy works at a local gas station and claims to be an instructor
at Lime Rock.  Asking price is $6500, which is $2-3k less than others
I have seen around here.  I'm passing on this one.  If I cough up
that much dough for an eight year old car, it will be perfect.

| Dan |
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