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Re: UrQ Blow-off Valve


I would not go cutting into the IC.  There is no kit available 
to fit a BOV for the Ur-Q.  It really makes more sense to be
changing out the IC and then adding the BOV.

There are numerous ways to add spray water to the stock IC.
Anything helps.  I have used a pressure fed / total loss
system, but an electric pump using a spare Winshield washer
assembly can also supply juice.  The spray bar I have used
had brass spray heads (2 each) mounted on a PVC rail, with
an inlet fixed to one of the end caps.  Control can be done via
turbo outlet temperature using thermocouples and a controller.
You could also play with using the WOT switch (I have not).
Be aware that the IC will hot soak when sitting still, and
you really have to wire any temp sense circuit in series with
the ignition to prevent dumping a load of water in the parking
lot of your local mall.

I bought bunches of different spray nozzles trying to balance
out flow / pressure problems.  They can be kinda expensive.

I would be happy to unload a few for $5.00 each.

paul t-