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>      A tailgating motorcyclist is a stupid motorcyclist, but they 
> deserve to die or possibly be seriously injured for it.
Rob Winchell wrote:
In my mind, a person tailgating me on a motorcycle is basically saying 
a complete jackass idiot and have no regard for my own life or anyone 

That being said, I would not "tap" my brakes, either. I often have
motorcycles come up between lanes of traffic next to me, which 
makes me want to throw my car door open into them. I don't do it, but 
I do
usually stick my arm out the window as far as I can (I'm talking about 
stopped at lights here, not at speed). Am I a jerk for doing it? Not 
much as they are.

Thanks for not tapping the brakes.  One of the easiest methods used to 
harm a stupid tailgating rider is doing that.  They grab brakes, loose 
the front wheel, and end up being crushed by the guy behind them whose 
locked up his car and skids over the top.
I've seen it happen.
As for your arm, would you do the same for a car or truck that's 
wandering over into your lane?  Bye, Bye arm...  It's the same for a 
bike, I know I've broken at least one arm in my time because of that 
stupid move.
A quick point to note is that it's legal to ride between stationary 
cars (at lights and in stopped traffic) where I ride here in 

To bring this (with no connection to the previous statements) back to 
the Audi theme of this list, has anyone had much experience with the 
1990 Quattro 2.3 sports?  I'm looking at buying one (I went for a 
drive in one last week and fell in love) and wanted to know what their 
like, problems, anything I should look for, etc., etc.?

Thanks in advance,
'97 GSXR750 Suzuki (Bike)
'72 Mazda RX3 (Car)


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