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OH NO! wreck

Well I spent the day getting my passport in Stamford (arrrggghh) and it
started to rain on my way back so of course people are slipping off the road
everywhere. And of course everyone else has to slow way down to see. It was a
long drive. Anyway, during one of these jams (on 91 north, exit 24 i think)
all the truckers start yelling over the cb about how this woman in the
accident was so beautiful (explitives omitted). Great, I figure. At least
there will be something good to look at at this one. The scene comes into
view and what do I see but a once lovely A8 with it's bumper(or bumper cover)
hanging half off. There was no other damage that I could see so that's good. 
Just thought I'd share,
P.S. Sitting on the grass about a hundred feet off I95 just outside Stamford
I spotted a nice gold 5000 with big aftermarket rims, a q-lister perhaps?