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RE: Found LARGE vacuum leak/no fuel without throttle

Actually its a approx 5/8" fitting closer to the pipe to turbo end, as I said 
its just above the charcoal cannister cut off diaphragm valve 9which is 
connected with a ~1/" part angled down..  The Deacceleration valve part (as 
you described) is at the mass sensor end.
My dealer said the part didn't show up on his fliche.that he showed a smaller 
hose fitting that had a 90 on it and another fitting not simply a hose to the 
valve cover.  So my early 1986 (39XXX serial number built November 1985) car 
must be a little different.  In the Bentley it looks like a mix between the KZ 
turbo engine and the MC.  It is mostly MC though and says so under the hood.

I've temporarily put in a 12" PVC plumbing fitting with peratex blue silicone 
(I'll see if it works tommorrow Am...I've ordered what I think I need from the 
dealer, by way of sketched layout so I dont plan on keeping the jury rig setup 
for long.
From: 	Dave Head
Sent: 	June 17, 1997 11:28 PM
To: 	Colin Barfoot
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Subject: 	Re: Found LARGE vacuum leak/no fuel without throttle

At 03:53 AM 6/16/97 UT, you wrote:
>I found the plastic fitting that goes into the rubber intake horn (where the 
>charcoal cannister shut off valve is tied in) was brittle and broke right 
>Large vacuum leak I guess,
>Unfortunately the horn cracked at the fitting when tring to remove the broken 

>rubber part.  The horn was not very flexible anymore...
>Does anyone know of a good source for a new horn and what the plastic bit is 
>called? Prices?  Hey Avi and parts fliche guys what is the numer for the 
>plastic bit I need?
>5000CD Quattro desparate to get ready for June 26th to get to Mt 

Back side by fender, on side - comes from underneath? 90 degree fitting
about 1" across?  It's for the decel valve. I've got the number out in the
car. Will post in AM... If its anything else, let me know - I have the hard
copy fiche out in the car.

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