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Re: Audi's: feminine or masculine?

Sean Ford wrote:
> How 'bout an Audi philosophical discussion?


> I'm sure we have all, at one point or another, referred to our cars as 
> "she/her" or a "he/him". We seem to habitually affix gender tags to
> machinery and, personally, I think of my Audi as masculine, though I 
> don't know why.

	I don't either - I was positive all things mechanical and relating to
travel(planes, ships, cars, etc.) were ALWAYS refered to as 'she.' Maybe
there's a lister with military experience that can explain why I believe
it to be so.

> So, silly Audi-related bandwidth for sure, but I get the feeling that some
> of you may have given this a quick thought before and wondered, too, what
> gives? Audi's: feminine or masculine?

	All mechanical, and even non-mechanical(dinghys(sp?) for example),
forms of transportation ARE feminine! I THOUGHT that was fact?!? Could
someone tell me/list why? Thanks.
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