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You are a compleeeeeeeeeeeete jerk for doing that!

So Finally I get to vent on One of these guys that has a problem
with me white-lining. Let me ask you something. Does my safely
driving through stoped traffic at a light or in dead stoped 
traffic impede your progress or impede your enjoyment of the road?
Or are you just Jealous that I can plod along while you sit there?

Ah that feels better!

- Douglas

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>      A tailgating motorcyclist is a stupid motorcyclist, but they don't
> deserve to die or possibly be seriously injured for it.

In my mind, a person tailgating me on a motorcycle is basically saying "I'm 
a complete jackass idiot and have no regard for my own life or anyone 

That being said, I would not "tap" my brakes, either. I often have 
motorcycles come up between lanes of traffic next to me, which invariably 
makes me want to throw my car door open into them. I don't do it, but I do 
usually stick my arm out the window as far as I can (I'm talking about 
stopped at lights here, not at speed). Am I a jerk for doing it? Not as 
much as they are.

Rob Winchell

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