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>You are a compleeeeeeeeeeeete jerk for doing that!
>So Finally I get to vent on One of these guys that has a problem
>with me white-lining. Let me ask you something. Does my safely
>driving through stoped traffic at a light or in dead stoped
>traffic impede your progress or impede your enjoyment of the road?
>Or are you just Jealous that I can plod along while you sit there?

Yes, I am jealous that you can do that. Yes, it does impede my progress and
my enjoyment of the road. When the light turns green, there is now another
vehicle in front of me I have to wait for. Are you too good to wait in line
like the other drivers?

But, that is beside the point. I now know that this practice seems to be
legal in CA and saome other places, and is accepted there. I know it is not
(or was not) legal in NY or MA, where I live. I would also say that I was
somewhat misunderstood - I would put my hand out _way_ before the persone
even got close, to show them I saw them and didn't appreciate the action,
not to actually hit anyone.

Anytime a vehicle is somplace it should not be, or other drivers would not
expect it to be, it is unsafe. I offer th following incident:

One incident I had: a motorcyle was coming up between lanes at an

intersection where I was in the right lane and the left lane had to turn

left. The road ahead was 1 lane. As the light turned green, I hit it, just

as a cycle was coming by. I didn't even notice him, and basically forced

him into the oncoming lane, where there was traffic. He swerved hard, had

to stop the bike directly in front of oncoming traffic. He then came after

me, thinking I did it on purpose, which I did not. I know this is a very

specific instance, but you can see where my concern lies.

- Rob Winchell