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Intercooler coolers...

>There are numerous ways to add spray water to the stock IC.
>Anything helps.  I have used a pressure fed / total loss
>system, but an electric pump using a spare Winshield washer
>assembly can also supply juice.

This is what I did with my 200q ... I installed the windshield washer
bottle/pump from my wrecked '87 5k in the bracket on the firewall and
re-routed the hoses from the washer bottle mounted under the passenger
headlight to it.  Next, I installed a 1/8" NPT-threaded nozzle from a patio
mister system into a brass fitting and then into some 3/8" vinyl tubing and
ran this from the OEM washer bottle to directly in front of the intercooler,
holding it in place with a P-clip and a stainless-steel sheetmetal screw.
I've thought about fabricating a sprayer bar using multiple nozzles but
since just the one covers about 80% of the intercooler, I haven't bothered
as yet.

>Control can be done via turbo outlet temperature using thermocouples
>and a controller. You could also play with using the WOT switch (I have not).
>Be aware that the IC will hot soak when sitting still, and
>you really have to wire any temp sense circuit in series with
>the ignition to prevent dumping a load of water in the parking
>lot of your local mall.

I addressed this by using a pressure switch that trips a relay at 3-4psi of
boost ... it's not as sophisticated but it's a whole lot cheaper!  By
scrounging the washer bottle and pressure switch, I only had to buy the
relay and nozzle ... total cost: under $10.

Overall, the system works very well ... I haven't noticed any increase in
performance but I have noticed a lack of decrease in performance during the
summer months here in Arizona.  For the money, it was certainly worth the
(minimal) effort ... oh, yeah: A bottle of water usually lasts 3-4 tankfuls
of gas with normal driving. 
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