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RE: Masculine or feminine? Part 2. And end, I hope.

Mike Arman wrote:

	>I sometimes think that I am the last living >gentleman in
Florida: I used to
	>open car doors for my dates, and currently open car >doors for
my wife. Since
	>this is the 90s, often this put me into a no-win >situation:
Open the door
	>and I'm a male chauvinst pig who exploits women, >don't open
the car door and
	>I'm an insensitive boor who picks his nose, farts, >and

Don't worry Mike, I always open the door for women, just because I feel
this is how the male should behave if he _respects_ a woman. And I don't
care if someone calls me a male chauvinist because of that. I do what I
feel is right, there's far too much insanity in the 90s :-(

	>transportation. It is the IMAGE that MB projects >which a) is
an important
	>facet of their undeniable success and b) has great >appeal to
the "opposite"
	>sex, whichever sex you happen to be.

Mandatory Audi content: most of women I know actually know very well
what Audi is :-)

	>Again, I regret having offended you so completely, >and I'm
afraid you'll
	>have to take my (typed) word that I'm neither a >sexist
jerk/moron or a fan
	>of the website you mentioned (not even enough to go >look at it
- the title
	>alone tells me I wouldn't be interested in it.)

I was just curious and looked at this site. It's something just opposite
to what you think.