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ISV Starting Problem?

I have a strange cold starting problem that I think may be related to
the ISV. When cold the engine starts fine and the rpm jumps up to about
1200-1400 then when the rpm is settling down to idle (800 rpm) the
engine stumbles and chugs which makes the rpm go down to about 200 rpm.
I have found if pump the accelerator I can get the engine back up to
higher rpm but it is real rough. Once the engine runs for about 30-60
sec everything  is fine (idle is 800 rpm). This morning when going
through this startup routine I could not get the car to re-start after
it stalled. It would fire and try to start but then stumble and stall. I
then tried to disconnect the ISV electrical conector and the enine
started right up but would not idle very well. With the ISV disconnected
I drove to work and after the engine warmed up it was idling at 800 rpm.

Any ideas - TIA

87 5KTQ (14+ psi of gofastfun)