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ISV cleaning

A few days back some listers talked about cleaning the Idle
Stabilization Valve (ISV), so I thought I would take a few moments to do
that on my '85  5T since it's idle is erratic a times.  Well folks, the
idle isn't erratic now, it's a constant 3000 RPM.  I used WD-40 and carb
cleaner and sprayed in both hose fittings 3 or 4 times, with black yuk
coming back out.  What cleaner should I have used?  This looked like it
was working well.  Disconnecting the electrical makes no difference!
   I took the same valve off my 89 200(same part #), installed it in the
85 and everything was fine, back to 800 RPM.  How did this cleaning mess
up the other valve and what's inside that little jewel?  HELP, HELP!
RC Ringlien
85 5Kt 125K
89 200 74K