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Re: Jeff fires off a big one...

>wooooh hooooh!!!   Them's fightin' words!  :-)

When you come to Phoenix next summer, drive your car out instead of flying.
I should have everything done by then so we can see who truly has the
quicker car!  :^)

>Seriously, IMHO (obviously, and of course) I think the FMS system is the 
>best aftermarket EFI on the market for the money, and approaches the 
>level of the Ford EEC-IV in a few areas.

This may be true but does it have a wastegate controller built-in?  Or a
nitrous driver?  Or water injection?
The one I'm getting should have all of these features and more...

(BTW, what's with the "Jeff fires off a big one" subject line ... makes it
sound like I've got a bad case of flatulence!)        

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