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Re: tailgaters

Talking about tailgaters...yep, tapping one parking or rear fog lights can
move tailgaters back. Some are more pernicious. My favorite tailgate fixer
was an old Volvo 145 wagon with a hunnert million miles on it and mush for
a fiber timing gear. It had no rings or valves, and if I even *thought*
about letting off the gas on the highway, it belched blue 10-40 something

...then, when I put my foot back into it, all that accumulated dino juice
just rushed out the tailpipe (or what was left of it) in a thick blue
smokescreen making who or whatever was behind totally disappear.

Just lovely. Better than phasers.

Since that marvelous beast is now long gone, I just slow down ever so
slightly, then speed up, then slow down...see how many cycles it takes to
actually make them nausous. Works better than parking or fog lights, since
it may just be bad driving, right? Not an active attempt to clear them out,
which gets them pissed, and the adrenalin flowing, and their bumper yet

*Nobody* is willing to sit behind someone driving like that...clears them
right out, no matter whether we're doing 30 in heavy traffic on 128 or 80
on the Pike.

Try it, it's worth a grin.

Lee Levitt
wheelman @ shore.net
Director, Business Development, Software.com - http://www.software.com
webmaster, NeedhamOnline - http://www.needhamonline.com
1990 Audi 200T, 80K
1995 Range Rover County LWB, 50K
1987 Wicked Fat Chance, 1981 Condor