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Which Bentley manual for '93 90Q?


Try: Dyment Distribution Services (part of Volk. Of America)
     1-800-544-8021  (Strongsville, OH)

Ask for: Audi 90 repair manual - consumer		(150$+5$)
	part # W42 552 193 000 C
I got my set in may.
This is a set of 14 books, (Audi publications). Covers all models and
options: quattro, fwd, manual, automatic, convertible. 7 books needed
for a standard '93 90Q (manual tran., quattro).
Someone on the list told me they ask him 500$. Don't know if it was the
same, ie consumer VS shop??
Computer codes (OBDII), etc
Does'nt have electrical schematics---> get the AllData CD  (25 $).
Figures on all pages, very detailed. No parts numbers or

Hopes this help.

Yves Bordeleau
Montréal, PQ