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Re: Facts vs Friction

Well, with all this talk about what works and what flops on cars, I thought
I'd throw my voice in, for all it's worth.  My VW needed a new exhaust
system.  I had one made.  It was much louder than stock.  It had twin 3 inch
tips.  The car FELT much faster.  It was very minamally faster, if at all.  I
had another exhaust system made after I got hit.  Again, it is much louder
than stock.  It has a four inch tip.  The car is slightly faster.  What's my
point, you say?  Well, Ross, you MAY actually gain something from all of your
turbo tech proceedures, which you claim to be much better than everyone
elses, but it can be made up in many different areas.  IE, pick up 3 hp by
your mod.  Hypothetically.  The gas you put in your car is lean.  Lose 10 hp.
 The air is hot and humid.  Lose 5-10 hp.  Your tires are overinflated.  Lose
speed in corners, spin tires more easily.  Personally, I am glad you did the
system your way, because it is your car.  I put racing stripes on my VW, and
people look at me like I have 2 heads.  But it's my car!  I can do what I
want!  But I'm not gonna run around screaming that everyone should do it my
way, because it's better, and it works.    That's only my opinion,  and while
I praise you on your accomplishments, I return to my old saying....

   Ross, there is ALWAYS something faster.

Carter Johnson