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O1A Final drive failure...

	I have come to the distressing conclusion that the high pitched squeal
(not to mention the clunk on shifting) coming from the drive-train on my
recently resurrected 88 80Q is noise from a worn/failing front final drive.
I'm rather puzzled as ten years of experience with the 01A trans has led me
to believe that this unit is bulletproof. Wouldn't you know that the first
one I would ever see would be mine? Bummer. So, here's the Q's:
	1. Has anyone else ever had this happen? Or have I done something major to
offend the Audi Gods?
	2. If this has happened to you, how did you end up fixing it? How much did
it cost?

I figure I have four options:
	1. Factory rebuilt. (this is just for perspective. At over $6000, I could
replace the car cheaper!)
	2. Salvage yard (or private party "parting out")- I'm hoping that if this
is as rare as I think, whoever has one will part with it cheaply rather
than face the prospect of sitting on it forever.
	3. Replace the ring and pinion myself.---I've got the books and can borrow
the tools, but it is a long and complex procedure that I have zero
experience at, and, what, with ordering shims and stuff, could take weeks.
	4. Sell it immediately, before it gets any louder.---Major ethical
problems with this one. Not to mention possible legal ones...

So, that's my dilemma. I'd appreciate any input, encouragement anyone has
to offer...
	88 80Q

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