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Re: A/C refrigerant changeover

At 12:05 AM 6/20/97 -0400, you wrote:
>My '92 100S is running low on A/C refrigerant, and the A/C is not getting
>very cold at all. I guess since it is a '92 it uses the old refrigerant. What
>needs to be done to change over to the new refrigerant? What does this
>changeover cost? Is the dealer the only place that can do it? Thanks for any
>'92 100S (63k and sweating)
You better off repairing your existing system.....
Each MFG. vary in specifications for the change over, some requiers a new
compressor, some don't, at the  very least you will need a new receiver
dryer (in your case an accumulator), new lines with 134A fittings and a few
odds and ends, new TXV or an orifice tube.....
By the time you are done, you will have a system that is app. 25to 30% less
efficient than your previous system with the additional problems of future
leaks.... 134A operates at  higher presures, that translate (in your case
to more trouble), stay with R12 and invest your money in a new lines and
new parts that will prevent future leaks...
DO NOT mess with the alternative refigirants.... too many unknowns...