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[QTC]: Outer CV boot/half shaft repair thoughts ...

I was contemplating the fact that I need to replace the outer CV boots on the
front half shafts.  While doing so I was thinking that I really ought to do
the strut bearings as well.  When I thought about both jobs done
simultaneously, I realized that I should be able to access the outer CVs when
I pull the struts without having to disconnect the half shaft at the drive
flange.  Has anyone done it this way before?  I'm wondering if there is some
gotcha with this plan and if I shouldn't simply pull the half shafts anyway.
 TIA for your experience! ...

I'm trying not to get too crazy, but I've got a lot of parts sitting on the
shelf for this that I should be able to drop in at the same time with fairly
low risk ... CV Boots, strut bearings, 5kCSQ front brakes.  It seems like I
really ought to do the subframe bushings now too, but I don't know if this
will be as easy as the rest ... any other suggestions?  TIA again!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)