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Re: Receiver Drier replacement

Dave Head wrote:
> Ok AC techs...  Last year during major AC surgery I replaced the receiver
> drier. I still have pressure in the system and will have the compressor
> manifold replaced tomorrow. Is it really worth spending the 50 bucks to
> replace it again?
>  I expect the system to be open tomorrow about 20 minutes tops, and it
> nearly takes that long to replace it!
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I think you're OK if it was replaced that recently.  I've only replaced
it in the past when replacing the compreesor (different car).

Now for my question. My systems seems to be down on freon charge.  I
appears that it is leaking at the point where the plate which hoses
connect to (manifold?) bolts to the compressor(nippondenso).  I recently
read that this is not repairable, but I remember no too long ago,
replacing the funny shaped o-ring where the maifold bolts to the
compressor on my friends toyota supra(same compressor.  Is this truly
not repairable?, can I get a new manifold?  I want to get this done
before summer gets real hot!

Jeremy Walters
San Ramon, CA