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Re: 4000Q AC question

Hairy green toads from Mars made Avi say:

> (I said earlier):
> >This will not affect the A/C output, but will make the engine
> >run a bunch hotter with the A/C on.
> >
> It will affect the AC at low speeds and idle, not enough flow through the
> condenser...
> Avi

Ruh, roh..... Angela's 90Q20V had no rad fan for at least 2-3 weeks,
driving through city traffic every day. She used the A/C at least some
of that time. Now, she swears that the A/C comes out of different vents
(dash versus windsheild versus floor) at different ENGINE speeds.

Is she nut...mistaken, or has the A/C been compromised somehow?


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