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Re: Cops Tailgating

The always-cheerful Allan Jones quoth:

>  So true! Have you ever been *followed* for some distance...I have
>  and I
> can say from experience that it is MUCH easier to drive while using
> a cellular phone than it is to drive while being tailgated by a
> bully. Even when innocent, one can be made to feel guilty! Let's see
> what responses I get now! ;-)

Wayull, having been one of those "bullies", I can offer the opinion 
that I'd rather have one of "them" back there than be tailgated by an
unknown driver in a battered 1978 Olds 88 with flapping fenders and 
springs on one side sitting 4" lower than the other.   Both make one 
nervous, but at least one presumes that the gent in the buble-gum car 
is somewhat competent as a driver.  The other may have been watching 
Ben-Hur on TV re-runs and may be attempting to attain "ramming 

("We" don't have a guilty conscience, do "we"?? ;-)  I allus figgur 
that any past transgressions I didn't get caught for don't count.  
It's a hoot (although an inconvenience) to watch a cop pull on the 
freeway and watch everyone nail their brakes and slow from 72 to 65 
in a 70 zone.  Most drivers are simply on autopilot, driving by 

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