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Re: .sigs (and Michigan winters)

Lee Levitt wrote:
> >- -'87 4kcsq (for yucky Michigan weather)
> >- -'91 Miata (license plate: WHEEEE)
> Okay, since you indicate that you've recently joined us I won't nail you
> too hard. You'll find that this group would prefer your .sig to read:
> --'87 4kcsq (for lovely Michigan winter, license plate: YAHOO!)
> --'91 Miata (license plate: SO WHEN *IS* IT GOING TO SNOW AGAIN!)
> Most of us tend to break out in wide smiles as our neighbors curse the
> weatherman and begin to wonder whether their snow blower will start :)
> (.sig stuff deleted)
> webmaster, NeedhamOnline - http://www.needhamonline.com
> (more .sig stuff deleted)

Well, here in the Detroit area, we haven't had enough snow at one time
for the last few years to do much more than make commuting a pain. I
would love to get a foot of snow at a time, but all we've been getting
is two or three inches--just enough to make me shovel the driveway but
not enough for a snow day from work (allowing me time to cruise in the
Quattro just for fun!). It used to snow a lot more here. 

I imagine it snows more in Needham (Mass? NH? Can't recall). 

Besides, 38 characters is too long for a plate here...and no asterisks
or exclamation points, either! :-)