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Re: Jeff fires off a big one...

>> This may be true but does it have a wastegate controller built-in?  Or a
>> nitrous driver?  Or water injection?
>> The one I'm getting should have all of these features and more...
>Yes, no, no.   Are they needed?   I don't think so.   dedicated 
>controllers for each of these functions are readily available.  I think it 
>will still be faster, and more civilized.   BTW, _my_ ECU does not do 
>boost control, but they have other ECus which do.

While there are plenty of dedicated boxes that address each of these
functions, integrating them into one box certainly strikes me as being the
preferred solution.  Oh, and did I mention that the system I'll be using is
adjustable by laptop?  Also, if the designer ever changes the code, he can
just email me a copy and I can download it directly from my laptop into the
ECU ... a nice touch, methinks.

(Note for the uninitiated: I'm just funnin' with Graydon here.  I have the
utmost respect for all that he has accomplished with his 5ktq thus far and
I'm sure that by the time I've installed an EFI system on MY car, his will
be that much more advanced than it is today...)
>> (BTW, what's with the "Jeff fires off a big one" subject line ... makes it
>> sound like I've got a bad case of flatulence!)        
>NOT what I was thinking.   I was making reference to big guns/bombs in a 
>war.   You're the one that brought up the flatulence thing...   :-)

Hoist with my own petard...  :^)

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