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Re: tailgaters and tapping brakes.

Why is it that every now and they when I'm moving on the left lane a
little faster that traffic and am approaching a car making a "virtual
pass" at 0.01 MPH faster than the car they are passing they never bother
to look in the rear view mirror to see that there is a car approaching? 
When I finally reach them, sometimes I get a little close and then back
away again just to politely let them know that I want to get by and not
sit behind them forever.  Instead of accelerating and clearing the lane,
some people frown and tap their brakes, or actually break!  Thon't they
realize that the slower traffic should keep right and that the left lane
is just for passing?  Even worst, don't they realize that they can cause
a serious multiple-car accident by braking hard and suddenly when there
is nothing in front of them, even if technically the person behind they
may be at fault for following too closely?

There is a difference between tailgaters and people that are moving
faster that you and reach your rear end  because you failed to yield to
faster traffic :)

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq