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run on fan, how to test sensor

David Tong & Kent Crossley were talking about run on fans, here's what i'm
going through now with my fan:
The fan on my 90 hasn't been kicking on after shutdown also, so I pulled the
2 wires off of the sensor like Dave Head told me when I called him late at
night trying to figure it out,(the sensor is at the end of the valve cover)
and connected the 2 wires and....Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the fan kicked on!
 SUCCESS!  The part is $19 from IPC and is on  it's way.  NOW, my fan will
run for 10 minutes and shut off via a timer somewhere, but some Audi models
may let the fan run on until the battery dies!  I was thinking that it would
have simpler for me to leave the sensor bypassed, because it never gets very
cold here in Orlando.
PS-since you all are taking an age survey, I'm 25, and on my 6th Audi!

May your Audi run strong, and your run on fan blow long!

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