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Re: [QTC]: Outer CV boot/half shaft repair thoughts ...

On Jun 20,  8:05am, Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:
 I realized that I should be able to access the outer CVs when
> >I pull the struts without having to disconnect the half shaft at the drive
> >flange.  Has anyone done it this way before?  I'm wondering if there is some
> >gotcha with this plan and if I shouldn't simply pull the half shafts anyway.
> > TIA for your experience! ...
> You *can* do it this way but you're only 12 bolts away from doing it on the
> workbench where it's a MUCH easier job ... also, cleaning the old grease out
> of the CV joint is a lot easier, too.

	What Jeff said, though in my experience it's a *real* pain to
	get the outer CV joints off without having the half-shaft
	off the car. You need to hold the strong retaining clip open
	(or is it closed?) with one hand and hammer off the joint with
	the other. In my case, the joint had to be pounded pretty hard
	to get it off once it was in the vise -- who knows what that
	kind of axial stress would have done to the final drive assembly,
	had I done it with the shaft on the car ...

	Don't know if they're available for urQ's, but for my 5KT, rebuilt
	half-shafts ($80 or so) are the way to go.  Takes a lot less
	time, and you don't have to worry about the beating your CV
	joint took while the boot was torn.


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