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[Fwd: OXS twubble]

Andrew Eckhardt      aeckhardt@starlinx.com

I ran into a little snag trying to put an '80 "Y" pipe manifold on a
'84 five cylinder gas engine that used to have a single down pipe. I
wanted to put a sensor in this manifold but now I see it will need to be
removed again, drilled, and tapped before this will happen. Fool me bet
that old EGR tap would have the same thread as an oxygen sensor. Not
only was I wrong, by the time I got it open it had NO threads. Now I'm
thinking this will be a great project for when the roads here begin to
get covered with salt. That's what the GMC with the see-through bed is
	But, right now it sunny outside! I already spent all winter taking the
diesel out of this car. If I can tie down the full-throttle line on my
'84 ECU and get no trouble except for maybe slightly blackened plugs,
I'll be very happy. I'd still be regular happy if I had to tweak a few
adjustment here and there to get things to even out. There is no
catalytic converter to melt down. What do you think?

	What if I decided to braze a nut for a sensor in the single piece of
2.5 in. going back? Am I going to get enough heat here for proper
Andrew Eckhardt      aeckhardt@starlinx.com