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Re: Fuel injection questions

Phil Payne wrote:
> Bye-the-bye: I wanted to set the idle "properly" - 430ma through the ISV at
> 800rpm and 0.75% CO - so I went out and bought a "Digital Automotive Analyser"
> made by Draper.  200mV to 600V DC, 10A, 200ohm to 20Mohm, diode, and dwell &
> tach for 3 to 8 cylinder engines - GBP26 ($40).  It comes with crocodile and
> probe leads, and is encased in a heavy rubbery housing, eminently suitable for
> concrete workshop floors.  How they do it for the money ...

Let's just hope that any Draper analysers exported to the States will be
modified to have the "alligator" leads mandated in this country. ;-)

What, a croc?

Phil Rose
'89 100 (which can use crocodile leads...in a pinch)

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