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Autocross results

Just got the results back from an autox I was in this past weekend with
the Coupe.  

The good news is that I won my class; the bad news is that I was the
only one in it.  Regardless, the CQ did really well and I came in 7th
overall out of around 30 cars with an adjusted time of 58.863.  The top
guy was an RX-7 with an adjusted time of 56.717.  I was also able to
beat out a couple of B stock 325s by about a second in raw time. 
Actually, the one BMW driver got confused on the one section (twice)
where I was working and kind of scared my partner and me a little bit. 
Could he have known I drive an Audi? 

Next time I should have my extra set of speedlines and 50 series
Semperits ready and have a better feel for how to set the tire
pressures.  Hopefully, I can pick up another second or two which should
put me right up near the top of the adjusted times.


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