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My 1990 Coupe Quattro be fixed..................

Well I found out what the green stuff actually was ...a/c leak detection dye. 
This liquid is so dark green and thick it fooled me into thinking that my 
cooling system was leaking. I was so worried that it could have been my 
cooling system I removed the radiator, fan hoses and thermostat. I had the 
radiator cleaned and pressure tested and everything was perfect. While under 
the hood, I replaced the thermostat, o-ring and flushed the whole system and 
replaced the coolant with genuine Autobahn - Audi coolant -( its dark 
aqua-marine, not green , not blue ). I also replaced the belts with genuine 
Audi belts - direct from Carlsen Audi - great price and good service- and yes 
I purchased the correct size per Porsray's instructions- thanks Q-listers. The 
dye was leaking from the lowest portion of the a/c condensor tubing where it 
made contact with the plastic shroud that covered the a/c area - the plastic 
rubbed against the aluminum tubing enough to create a small pin sized hole 
that let out a tremendous amount of dye and almost all of my freon. I had the 
a/c repair shop evacuate the balance of my freon and i removed the condensor 
for repair. Cost $26.50 to weld the tubing shut. To recharge the system cost 
$121 for r-12 refrigerant. Everything is nice and cold again. Whew - I DO LIVE 
IN VEGAS don't cha know. Today its at least 105 F out . Thanks for all of your 

Primo_JR @ msn.com

1990 Coupe Q - 101000 miles and going strong - and oh so cool inside and out!