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Re: Anti-theft radio code locked-up

I don't know which manufactured OEM'd the radio (Blaupunkt, Alpine, etc ?)
so the comments below are a general model of how to deal with a coded

Most coded radios have an escalation plan built-in.  That is, repeated
wrongly entered code will cause the radio to go into a wait mode.
You may need to leave the radio on for a hour or so before it will accept
the code.  This is the case with Blaupunkt and Alpine.  

Try leaving the car's ignition on and the radio on for an hour or so. (you
may consider connecting your car to a battery charger.  After a time you
should see a change in the display (it will ask for a code).

'83 urq and others

On Fri, 20 Jun 1997, Amnat Choeypatkul wrote:

>      Hi guys,
>      Help...help, pls.
>      My '89-90 has an "anti-theft radio/cassette," brand name: 
>      Weisbaden/Audi, (original installed from Audi) which the "anti-theft 
>      code" has been locked-up ever since I bought it from the original 
>      owner.  (The LCD display always shows "SAF e" when it's on.)  I check a 
>      little booklet/manual--which came with the radio/cassette, and tried it 
>      all step-by-step, however, it's still locked-up and doesn't work.
>      Anyway, does anyone know how to reset this "anti-theft" code?
>      TIA,
>      Nat

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