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Re: Age

I'm 18 and on my first Audi... Actually, I was only able to get it
because my brother, being a car dealer, went to an auction and got me a
very nice 94 Isuzu Trooper as a present from my family... I had it about
5 months, then my mother saw that BS on TV about how they "tend to roll"
and decided that the Trooper wasn't a proper car for me to be driving,
so we went to the Audi dealer (Rietzl in Norwell, MA) and evenly traded
it in for the Coupe Q.
Having the advantage of NOT having to pay for the car in the first
place, I only have to pay for all the modifications, and stoopid stuff
like the column stalk assembly (-$172-) out of the money I have made in
my short life 8*)
While this is _my_ first Audi, my family has had a history of Audis as
well as a few Porsches, including-
1979 Fox ---------(Silver)
1982 4000 --------(Silver)
1982 911 SC ------(Blue)
1982 911 SC Targa-(???)
1983 Ur-Q --------(Red)
1984 4000CSQ -----(Silver)
1986 4000CSQ -----(Silver)
1986 930 ---------(Black)
So I have been handed the baton to continue our heritage of Audis...

BTW- my current Cylinder Index is-
1990 Coupe Q----------------- 5
1995 Traxxas Nitro Hawk R/C-- 1
Not-so-grand total----------- 6

I am not worthy {:^(
Can I get a free cylinder for two cams? Howzabout 4 valves per cylinder?
That must count for something...

'90 Coupe Q
'96 Ted Wojcik SofTrac DS Pro

PS> Sorry for the wasted BW for those of you who couldn't care any