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Re: age & weird noise

upchurch wrote:
> I'm 28 and my 4kcsq makes a weird noise.  The noise sounds like a just
> blew a hole in my exhaust system but it does not happen all of the time.
> The noise seems to come from the front passenger side, right neat the
> catalytic convertor.
> Conditions when noise occurs:
> Heavy rain
> Highway speeds (RPM above 3k)
> letting off on throttle
> It does not happen all of time when these conditions are met but I never
> happens in dry weather or slow speeds or when accelerating.
> Does anyone have any idea what's causing this?
> --
> Sean U
> '87 4kcsq (TSW Evo's, Bosch H4 conv., and ...)

  It maybe the CO% tube springing a leak or the sealing ring at the
flange joint.

   Marty S.