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Re: Net worth, Cylinder Index

Age 27

Cylinder Index +50, (lose track of all the bikes)

- Douglas

PS. Do loose engines count?

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Now that the age thread has amused the list (I wonder how the under
20 crowd can keep these pricy cars running-resourcefulness I guess.) 
Being 57 does change some things for the better.  I still play tennis 3
times a week and don't have to go to work everyday.  
   A local St. Paul radio show(Joe Souceray's Garage Logic) uses the
Cylinder Index(CI) as a measure of one's manliness or machoness.  You
simply count the number of cylinders of all internal combustion engines 
you own; cars, trucks,cycles, lawn mowers, weed whips, etc.  Lease
vehicles do NOT count.  How you doing out there fellows?  What's this
AGE crap, if you don't have a CI of at least 15,  you ain't much!!  If
your CI exceeds your age then you can really start talking.
   Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for someone to explain how a BAD BOMB
can cause all four brakes to start dragging.  
Bob Ringlien--age 57 but CI of 25
85 5kt------5
89 200T-----5
91 minivan--6
84 V4 Sabre-4
Ride Mower--1
Push mower--1
L grinder---1
Jonesrud CS-1
Weed whip---1

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