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Re: praise Bentley

James Marriott wrote:

> Ken wrote:

> > So now, I gotta special order from Pep Boys or Kragen a brush set for
> > about $8, and hope it ain't the regulator too.

> FYI, many Home Depots carry a large selection of brushes (ie, about 40
> sizes) in the hardware aisle.


Well, yesterday I went to Home Depot and Home Base, neither one of them
had_any_brushes. So, I ended up ordering some from Kragen.  They had two
different kinds, and I didn't know which ones to get.  They let me order
both, and said I wouldn't have to pay a restocking fee to return the one
I don't use.  Oh well.  I could have waited to Monday to go to an
alternator shop, but they are always closed when I'm off work, while
Kragen is open 'til like 9pm or something on weekdays.

Anybody got any good speaker box designs for two 12"s?  To fit either
the Coupe GT or 4ksq.


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