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Re: 5kQ: Code 2142 ...

K1drbar@aol.com writes:
> Well, as if I didn't have enough stuff to do with the Audis ... I 
> was driving the '88 5kCSQW [w/QLCC] and in 3rd gear at 
> about 45MPH if I give the car moderate throttle the engine 
> light comes on.  I got home and checked the error code ... 
> it says 2142.  From the CIS-E III section in the Bentley it 
> says this means knock sensor or wiring bad.  Has anyone 
> had to deal with this one?  Is it usually just wiring, or am I 
> in for a new knock sensor?  If that is the case, where is the 
> best place to get one?  

Apparently these knock sensors are very sensitive about their
mounting torque.  You may want to try to dismount it and then re-mount
to the proper torque.

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