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Re: Intercooler coolers...

Jeffrey  Goggin said:

>>      You could always get a donor hood,  cut a hole in it, go to the
>>junkyard and look at a few cars that have hood vents in them and put them
>>your car.  Actually,  find the vent of choice first, then cut the hole.
>It's a nice idea but not practical in my case since doing this isn't legal
>for the class I'm competing in ... besides, why cut up a perfectly good
>steel hood when Todd Candey can sell you one made from carbon-fiber that has
>a Quattro Sport vent molded in?  Not only will this help get the heat out
>but it'll also take some weight off the front end...
>> Two of us in the Great lakes region have done this to our UrQs'.
>> Unbelievable is the amount of heat that is purged from the engine
>>compartment.  We seemed to have good luck with vents from assorted years of
>>datsun "Z"  But next time I may get a pair from a new Gran Prix,  they look
>>pretty cool too (no pun intended).
>Actually, I've had my eye on the ones GM used on the Eurosport version of
>the Lumina for my 200q ... if I ever find one of these in a salvage yard,
>I'll probably buy it.  Hmmm ... I wonder if Todd is making a hood for the
>Type 44 chassis cars?  :^)

Small problem with putting a Carbon (Or fiberglass for that matter) hood 
or fenders on a car......  You loose the crushzone, (Carbon fails 
catastrophically, theres no bending here) and you also make the car quite 
a bit louder.  Neither of which I'm willing to do.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
'87 5KCSTQ WAY too many toys
Trans-am/Sportscar Chassis Engineer
St. Louis, MO