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Re: Installing CB, need Igor's expertise!!!

Brendan Rudack wrote:

> Good to have you back!  Still working for that underware company? :-)

Yep. Not for long, though (hopefully). I have allready started looking...

> Well, my Sat. project is installing a CB in the ol' 90Q.
> Everything is wired up fine except for the antenna.  I got one of the
> "cell phone look" antennas that mounts on the rear window.  It has 2 wires
> coming out of it. One is the coax. cable that goes to the CB unit.  THe
> other is a foot long braided wire and the directions (destructions) have
> no referance of it what-so-ever.  Is this some sort of ground?  Whaddya
> think?  Once again, I appreciate your help!

Yep. Ground it. Preferably - locally, within the shortest distance. 
Ground it well! If later you get ignition noise (exacerbated by the high current 
consumers like A/C, turn signals, RR defroster, head lights etc.) you'll have to 
disconnect that antenna ground strip. Yes, it will lead to a slight decrease of  the 
antenna sensitivity, but you'll get rid of the ground loop.
> Have a great weekend!

You too.

> BTW- you going to Mt. Wash?

Yep. I, my wife (I hope) and Mike Z. are planning to hit the road around 19:00 on 
Fri eve. See you next Sat.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ
'97 A4TQ
on order