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True Speed/Indicated Speed ????

Hey everyone!
Tonight (Sunday) I had the pleasure of whiping the pants off of a Golf in my
GTI.  Anyways, at one point on a very deserted stretch of road, I let the car
go.  Unfortunatly, I have 195=70-14's on the car, so my speedo is way off at
high speeds.  It used to be pretty acurate, (when I had correct tires...) so
I'm trying to figure out what speed I was going if the speedo read 96 mph
(when I let off, still had another gear to go!)  My estimate puts my speed
anywhere between 105-110.  How far off am I?    Correct tire size  for the
car is 185-60-14, I have 195-70-14.  Geez!  Are those things Huge! 

Thanks for all help!

Carter J