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RE: Detroit --> Mt. Wash. route ideas...

>>Next Friday Ingo Rautenberg and myself will depart for Mt. Wash. from the
>>Detroit area.  However we would appreciate some input on route ideas.  It
>>seems that we have 3 choices.
>>1) Drive entirely in the good ol' US of A.
In which case you will drop down through Pennsylvania?? which will cost you
about 75 extra miles but is probably the most interesting route..but the
Pennsylvania Police are very proud of their speed limits and will extract
mnajor funds for speeding...you'll love the near billboard size signs that
show a silouette of a trooper with radar gun and a list of fines.
Pennsylvania stuck to 55mph for years longer than most states...pretty
route though...watch out for deer in the hill country at night..lost of
'em.....the PA route gives you lots of options...ie..NY or NE routes...and
I've driven 'em all, so call or write if you want more info.

>>2) Cut through Windsor Canada and drop down into Buffalo, NY.
The Canadian-NY route is the quickest, but it is the sleeeeeeeepiest. The
border can be a bit of a wait depending upon when you arrive.  NY is pretty
for the most part...but how many trees can you handle...and the NYS Thruway
is not cheap...I think the toll is around $10 or more now.
Also, NY State troopers take their jobs WAAAAAAY too seriously.  Same
caution goes for deer in NY.

3) Drive the Canadian route all the way up to Montreal and head back down
to Mt. Wash.

This will take easily as much time as the PA route and is also kind of a
sleeper...it would be my last choice...and don't forget..RADAR D's WILL be
confiscated by your Canadian brethren..also..get all the gas you can before
leaving the states   ....$$$$ in Canada.
Wait to buy beer until you get to NH...and stock up if you drive back thru
the states...1 case limit per person going back...Great beer is about $20 a
case in NH...Bud et al run about $12-$13.
I've seen Michigan Beer prices and I feel your pain.

>>Seeing that both Ingo and I had to see the local Magistrate this past
>>for speeding infractions we were wondering what happens when you get
>>nabbed in Canada?  Can we just, um, split the country and never come
Guess again....those days are over!

>>I suppose we can look at the three routes with regards to timeliness,
>>scenery, chances of meeting future brides, and concentration of law
>>enforcement officials... So if any of you locals or geographically
>>inclined listers out there have any good advice we would be glad to hear
Future brides are best obtained in Montreal, but not on St. catherine St.
and you'll have to learn how to speak French!!

Drive Safe!

Paul Royal