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In message <Pine.SUN.3.91.970623140855.10605A@marjoram.compnews.co.uk> Mike writes:

> I suppose the biggest disapointment was not seeing the S1 go up the hill, 
> or the 90 off the Audi Stand. The reason for the S1 not running (so I 
> hear from a good source), is that the Cam Belt had `come loose', and the 
> mechanic from a certain motor outfit in Northamptonshire (I think) could 
> not be bothered to fix it. I find this attitude very poor. If people like 
> me can "be bothered" to get out of bed at 05:00hrs and drive for 4 hours, 
> and ppl like Michelle Mouton (forgive me if the spelling is wrong) can 
> "be bothered" to come from the South of France, then you would think the 
> mechanic responsible for the car could "be bothered" to get off his fat 
> ar#e and try and fix the damn thing. rant rant rant rave rave rave.

I don't think the mechanic can be faulted.  The problem is much more likely to 
be at a management level in Historic Motorsport (a.k.a. David Sutton, Honorary 
President of the Audi quattro Owners Club).  And, despite his posturing, I 
strongly suspect that David has no one left who would dare to touch the car.  
It's aggravating, because I have all the necessary equipment to rebuild that 
engine right here, and the mechanic who originally built it lives only fifteen 
miles away from me.  We could have been on-site, fully equipped, by midnight 

I remember one of my 170 watt bulbs blowing after only a month.  I changed it 
at a club meeting, held it up in front of the gathered clan, and said: "There 
you go - it cost 10 quid a month ago and what's it worth now?"
One of the committee instantly shot back: "More than one of David Sutton's 

I suspect Audi AG will express an opinion.   

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club