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Re: Audi future plans!

Kwattro@aol.com said:
>Well, Porsche is defiantly a smaller company in terms of productions and
>perhaps profit, but with the vast background (which audi lacks recognition
>in) and wide market (everyone knows what a "Porch" is, some people still ask
>me why my jetta is so low.  And what that "AwwwD" symbol means. )  Yes,
>perhaps apples and oranges, but I really think it would be a good move.

OK, I'll bite... Audi does have a vast background. History? Audi was
running pre-WWII races. Technology? 5 valve heads and AWD, Alum space
frames, advanced front suspensions, Um, hybrid tech, restraint
systems... Audi is known to the general world buying public as a
technological leader. Its just the basic 'murican who doesnt associate
Audi with automotive technology. (Another AoA debacle?)

Market share? Maybe not in the States, but in europe Audi really sells.

The reason your Jetta is slow is because VW didnt spend $13,000 to build
the engine.

The relationship Audi has with Porsche today is all right. Let Porsche
build a few go-fast avants and Audi can use Porsche technology
(tiptronic) when it is affordable.

To follow the current thread:
I likened P* buying Audi as Ferrari buying Fiat.

Jason Palmer
97 A41.8tqm w/1450 miles and mudflaps on order