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Leaded fuel - EC ban - Low Audi content

I have seen today the worrying news that the EC will impose a complete ban on 
all leaded fuel as of January 1 2000 and that Britians 'opt out' has been 
swept away.

Can anyone confirm :-

	1) Is this true?

	2) Is it possible to run an Ur quattro on lead free and if so what 	mods are 
required (if any)?

I am led to believe that New Zealand is already lead free, so how do people 
manage there?
Do lead replacement additives really work?

Practical Classics magazine has launched a petition against the ban, but as we 
all know just how democratic the EC is - it may be too little too late.

This together with the possible 'green' taxes promised by our new PM could 
make Ur quattro ownership an even more costly pleasure in the future.
Think on - it isnt just your computer that could be screwed come January 1st 

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro (I hope I can still say this in 10 years time)