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Re: 5000TQ Brakes

Richard, I am fairly new to Audis but the red triangle usually means the
hydraulic system is needing attention.  You may have a leak from the pump or
steering rack, or God forbid both. Is your fluid level below minimum when at
idle and wheels straight ahead? Is there a very sticky fluid on the engine
or driveway? If it is below minimum, add the proper Pentosin mineral oil
fluid and see if it stays up to max.  Do not use regular powering steering
fluid, it will ruin your entire system meaning big big bucks.

If your fluid level remains above minimum then your brake accumulator may be
leaking. Does the light come on after the first start of the day and them go
out.  Does the level of fluid go up and down?  ie: up after you have stopped
the car and let it sit?  Sometimes if the leak is small it takes over night
to see the fluid level has gone up. If this is the case, then you have an
internal leak associated with the brake pressure accumulator, other wise
known as the "bomb". This also cost a few dollars to fix, but should be done
in order to ensure braking safety.

Hope this helps. Other more experience listers may surely have other